Project Description



Vehicle Modification changes the basic model of the van or bus and creates an added value product. Our design team finds a way to fill every corner with a useful solution. Each modification is carefully installed and thoroughly tested by our design team before being handed over to the customer.

Our goal:
The same comfort and efficiency wherever you go for a job!

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Different types of the modification:

  • Mobile office (toll inspection, insurance companies, etc.)
  • Mobile lab (blood collection, Methadone therapy, etc.)
  • Mobile studio (radio and TV for signal transmission amd live broadcasting)
  • Mobile library
  • Mobile snack bar
  • Transportation for people with special needs
  • And more!

Different types of the equipment available for installation:

  • Generators
  • Batteries
  • Additional lights
  • Storage for special tools
  • Cameras
  • Additional windows
  • Additional screen wipers
  • Etc.

Different modifications of the existing components:

  • Chassis reinforcement
  • Repainting
  • Etc.

We provide homologation after each vehicle modification. Tell us your ideas and we can give you our solution!