Project Description



General description

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a system that automatically identifies and tracks information from objects with attached tags. RFID uses inductive or capacitive coupling as a mode of communication.

Tags contain electronically stored information. This information may be read only with the factory-assigned serial number. The system operator can also grant read/write permission in order to write onto the tag.

Type of tags


  • Passive Tags: without a local power source
  • Active Tags: with a battery as a local power source

More information



Readers are most of the time fixed to create a specific interrogation zone to control tags from going in or out of it. Mobile readers, hand-held units, as well as units affixed onto vehicles are available.

Types of Readers:

  • PRAT: Passive Reader Active Tag
  • ARPT: Active Reader Passive Tag
  • ARAT: Active Reader Active Tag

System contents:

  • Tag (Transponder)
  • Antenna + Transceiver (Reader)
  • Controller (Web Browser)

The system is Wiegand Protocol Compliant.

The system is suitable for:

  • Access control for different facilities, such as Batching Plants, Parking Areas, and facilities that are fully automated and running 24/7
  • Internal Logistics for different types of production and storage areas with high traffic fluctuations
  • Libraries that manage the renting and returning of books
  • Production lines to further optimize different types of products before dispatching to customers
  • And many others