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Safety Driving Centers are built to help all generations of drivers be safer on the road. Whether it is driving a motorcar or riding a motorcycle, Safety Driving Centers teach riding and driving skills using approved methods and techniques. These centers are especially useful for young drivers who are noted as high risk road users.

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With Safety Driving Centers, you can offer your clients many program options. From basic trainings with automatic scoring programs for ordinary drivers to advanced level trainings for professional drivers, there is something for everyone. With a Safety Driving Center, you can host new car model presentations, organize promotions and social events, as well as do team building programs for business partners or employees with a safety driving program.

For trainings, Safety Driving Centers can offer you many options:

  • Over/under steering with front or rear wheel drive
  • Creation of vehicle instability with a random generator for the road
  • Road obstacle creation with a random generator
  • Measurement of brake reaction time
  • Measurement of braking distance
  • Automatic driver identification
  • Automatic statistics and scoring files for each driver
  • Individual files for recording driver reactions

In the Command and Control Center, every driver is automatically detected for each testing point and the data is connected to a data logger by a wireless link.  A software application is able to save the data for each driver based on the training together with the scoring program. Users can choose between training options (i.e. training, scores, diplomas) or competition programs (i.e. for training or for fun).